Medal of Honor
MSGT. William Crawford Memorial

The Crawford Memorial Committee was formed in March 2017 by Alicia Gatti and Bill Miller to place a permanent memorial honoring Mr. Crawford. The memorial is being constructed adjacent at the north end of Palmer Lake in Palmer Lake, Colorado.

The memorial construction is in progress and anticipated that it will be completed by October 15, 2017. We have donations of materials, in-kind donations, and direct financial contributions that bring the total to about 70% of the total construction cost.

As projects mature, unexpected construction cost occurs, with new details for build-out completion. The memorial is approaching its completion date and the Memorial Committee is requesting additional funding for professional flag pole installation, and a new parameter section of split rail fencing.

With your donations, we believe this memorial is to a true American hero and important to honor Mr. Crawford and inspire many in the community for the years ahead.

The dedication ceremony is set for Veterans Day Saturday, November 11, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.

The committee is operating under the Wounded Warrior USA non-profit 501-C3 with a separate bank account.

Funding and donations will only be used for construction of this permanent memorial. The project is moving at a good pace to meet the deadline; however, your monetary support is greatly appreciated. Please locate the Donation File and help fund the Memorial.

Thank you,

Crawford Memorial Committee
Alicia Gatti, Chairman
David James Wilson, Co-Chairman
John Cameron, Architect
Linda Wilson, Secretary
Darby Kelly, Member
Bill Miller, Member

We thank you for your generosity